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Aurora Now June 14, 2023
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June 19th marks the annual Juneteenth holiday in Aurora, across the state and nationally. AuroraTV shares the historical significance and shows you ways you can pay tribute. Also on this week's show, the Aurora Animal Shelter celebrates its 40th anniversary; Aurora unveils a new pollinator garden; the Aurora Public Library's "Craft Brews Tour" gets underway; and some potentially life-saving advice from Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora about button batteries.  You can find them in everything from kids' toys to TV remotes. Those stories and many more this week on Aurora Now.

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What is Juneteenth explainer

Black Employees for a Better Aurora Juneteenth education

"A Night of Remembrance" featuring a Holocaust survivor

The Aurora Animal Shelter celebrates 40 years

Featured pets at the Aurora Animal Shelter

Aurora & Sand Creek Regional Greenway Partnership open a pollinator garden

Register for "Bike to Work Day"

"Name that Mystery Object" 

PSA #1 2.0

PSA #2 Sign up for CodeRED

Learn the 30x30 rule for Lightning & Sign up for CodeRED

Children's Hospital Colorado issues a button battery warning/demonstration

PSA #3 Lifeguards wanted

PSA #4 Flipping Out over Aurora Now

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Aurora Public Library's "Craft Brews Tour" kicks off

"Summer Jams & Storytime" heads to Del Mar Park

"Aurora Rhythms" concert series schedule

"We Are Aurora Youth" free rec center admission  

"Name that Mystery Object"/answer

Show closer/"Studio A" promo, School of Breaking


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