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Jubilee Roasting Company - 2019 Business Award Winner

Peter Wanberg was barely out of college when he transformed an old auto parts warehouse off of East Colfax Avenue into what may be Aurora’s most creative coffee house. In the front of the building is a warm, welcomingspace for customers, filled with local art on the walls,plenty of space to lounge, books to read, and garage
doors to open when warm weather beckons. In the back, Wanberg rents affordable studio space to artists to practice their craft. On the exterior of the building, a massive and vibrant mural created by a local graffiti artist invitespassers-by to come inside. A coffee tree is planted out front, and fruit trees adorn the back of the building where low-key outdoor concerts and Day of Jubilee free coffee days create a sense of community. Wanberg and his team roast their own coffee on site, and sell the beans to other businesses. And they work in everything they do to engage the neighborhood and be sustainable, in keeping with their philosophy “To Create Well & Be Good Neighbors.”

Matt Howshar, Christina Raney