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Aurora Now - February 17, 2021

Zippy Parks Hammond defied racism, and other obstacles, to make history at the CU School of Nursing, which is now located on Aurora's Anschutz Medical Campus. Find out how she's still making a difference today. Plus, the perils of puffing; getting in shape and staying safe at Aurora's Rec Centers and going under the hood at Pickens Tech in honor of Career School and Technical Education Month. Those stories and many more this week on Aurora Now.


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Aurora Police Show Us How to Avoid the Perils of Puffing

Other Neighborhood Safety Tips from APD

Aurora Helps with a New COVID Vaccine Campaign Aimed at Our International Residents

Understanding the New COVID Dial 2.0

Working Out & Staying Safe at Aurora's Rec Centers

Sneak Peek at Aurora's Newest Rec Center

New Program Provides Fresh Fruits & Veggies in North Aurora

Aurora Public Schools New Schedule

Feb. is "Career School & Technical Education Month"/Pickens Tech

Zippy Parks Hammond Makes History at the CU School of Nursing & Beyond

Check Out AuroraTV's "Spirit of Tuskegee" Special

Reminder 02/08 Council Agenda Items Continued to 02/22 Meeting

Aurora's E-cycle Partner, Techno Rescue, Offers Special Pricing for 2021

PSA #1 Get the COVID Vaccine Facts

PSA #2 AuroraTV:  Your City, Your News

Pit Bulls Are Now Legally Allowed in Aurora/Pet Licensing

Chinese New Year/2021 is the Year of the Ox

Miette et Chocolat Opens a 2nd Location in the ACAD

Take Part in the 1st Ever, "We Are A-Town Cleanup"

ACAD Looking for Female Artists for Summer Event

Show Closer/Sia Chandler Celebrates Black History Month

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