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You Be You Early Learning - Business Award Winner 2023
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Early childhood education typically happens in a building for those who choose to enroll their kids. But in the midst of the pandemic, You be You Early Learning saw an opportunity for a new model. Roya Brown, a former engineer turned executive director and co-founding member of You be You Early Learning, launched the nonprofit mobile preschool during COVID-19 when parents were suddenly more open to the idea. With COVID precautions in place, they parked their classroom on wheels in front of Aurora Housing Authority buildings and opened their doors to students ages 3 to 7. The mobile school provides after-school and summer math and literacy programming, engaging culturally and linguistically diverse learners through a holistic approach. Working in partnership with the Aurora Housing Authority, the mobile model provides equitable and affordable access by eliminating cost and transportation barriers. A multicultural, multilingual coalition of experienced educators, local community experts, dedicated volunteers and board of directors supports this teacher-led cooperative, which served more than 1,000 kids in the last year with free STEAM education. They have grand plans to expand, including buying a third mobile unit with funds raised from Colorado Gives Day.





Christina Raney