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MycoTechnology - 2019 Business Award Winner

Mushrooms are magical in so many ways. MycoTechnology is extracting that magic to create massive innovations in the way certain foods taste. It started with an idea in 2012 to create a better, healthier tempeh, and turned into a way to make bitter foods taste better. Their signature product, ClearTasteTM, is a fermented shitaki fungi powder that can be added to sodas, teas, coffee, bread and more to block any bitter taste organically and reduce the need toadd sugar or artificial flavor enhancers. The company alsodeveloped a new plant-based protein made functionally and nutritionally exceptional through its innovative shitake mushroom fermentation process. Its bricks-and mortar launch happened in an 800-square-foot incubation space on the Fitzsimons Innovation Community before the company moved two more times to its current $45 million facility on East 40th Avenue. Over time, MycoTechnology has grown to 88 employees—engineers, scientists and the like—and at the same time, acquired 49 patents and raised $75 million. The ClearTasteTM product was recently approved as a product that can be safely used in more than 70 countries. The company’s commercial production facility has been recognized for the highest level of cleanliness,and earned certifications for organic, kosher, halal and Non-GMO Project Verified. The leadership team made up of Pete Lubar, Alan Hahn, Jonathan Jachimiec, and Anthony Clark are proud to say that MycoTech is producing world changing technology right here in Aurora.





Christina Raney, Matt Peterson, Matt Howshar