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Lady Justice Brewing - Business Award Winner 2023
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Three friends—Betsy Lay, Kate Power and Jen Cuesta—launched Lady Justice Brewery in 2016 with a vision for making great beer to help better the world. Founded as a business with social objectives, Lady Justice Brewery built their business through crowdfunding and a membership model. The founders’ long-term vision for a taproom became a reality in 2020, moving into their space in the Aurora Cultural Arts District on March 15—just as the pandemic moved in as well. But they showed resilience during a challenging time, tapping into their “to go” membership model that had served them well since their inception. Even as some restrictions lifted, the initial limited capacities required the business to pivot again and start canning beer in six packs—a business plan tactic initially targeted for year 2. Their creativity and willingness to adapt paid off, enabling the brewery to survive the worst of COVID-19, build a solid customer base and give back to the community in droves. Lady Justice Brewery prioritizes women, girls, non-binary people, and local nonprofit organizations through social enterprise. One hundred percent of the profits from community-supported beer memberships go to nonprofit partners, while collaboration brews, volunteer efforts and other work also benefit the community.





Miranda Christian