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Aurora Now July 6, 2022

From high in the sky to down in the ground, it has been a busy 2022 in Aurora.

Join AuroraTV for a special edition of Aurora Now as we take a look back at some amazing stories that have made this year spectacular so far. The Aurora Police Department has a new nose on the k-9 unit, and we revisit a group of ladies who know every stitch matters. Also on this special episode, meet an organization that is helping local families with free baby gear and see what else you can check out besides books at our local libraries. Those stories, and many more, this week on Aurora Now.



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New Nose Joins APD

Creepy Crawlers are Compost Kings

Going to New Heights

APL's Seed Library Makes Growing Easy

Bánh & Butter Bakery Café is Blossoms in the Aurora Cultural Arts District

Every Stitch Matters for the Quilt Bee

WeeCycle Works with the City and Our Community to Provide Free Diapers & Baby Supplies

Goodbye Matt!

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