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The Aurora TV Channel

Mail: 15151 E. Alameda Parkway, First Floor/Aurora, CO 80012

Phone: 303-326-8888


The Aurora TV Channel

The Aurora Channel is the city of Aurora's television and video source. We keep you informed about news and activities in your community through our city council coverage and our local news program, Aurora News Weekly. We produce a number of other shows to help you keep in touch with Aurora.

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Feature Stories

Aurora Discovered

Scratch to Table

Aurora Discovered

Collecting History

Aurora Discovered

Off The Beaten Path

Aurora Discovered

Ice Cream Dream


Aurora Discovered

Great Escape

Aurora Discovered

Serving Up Smiles

Aurora Discovered

Clinton Street Mural

Aurora Discovered

Spiderman of Aurora


Behind the Scenes

Aurora Discovered

Behind the Scenes Ep 2

Aurora Discovered

Behind the Scenes Ep 1